The National Center for Social Solidarity is hiring personnel

The National Center for Social Solidarity is hiring personnel

The National Center for Social Solidarity (E.K.K.A.), based in Athens, will hire, (14) people for the implementation of "Predetermined Project 4 -Improving the capacity of the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA) in the management of unaccompanied minors through the effective operation of the National Child Protection Line" with MIS Code (MIS) 5150049 within the framework of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for the period 2014-2021 (HM EEA 2014- 2021) and the Program entitled "Development of the management capabilities of the National Asylum and Immigration Systems".
The duration of the contract will be twelve (12) months with the possibility of renewal or extension until the end of April 2024.

In particular, there is provision for the recruitment of personnel in the following personnel:
Interpreters 6 persons
ARABIC 2 persons
URDU 2 persons
FARSI 2 persons
Psychologists 2 people
Social Workers 3 people
Social Scientist (PE Sociology or PE Social Anthropology) 1 person
Informatics 1 person
Financial personnel 1 person
The required general and special qualifications and relevant supporting documents are described in the relevant Notice, on the E.K.K.A.'s Internet Portal:
Candidates are invited to submit applications exclusively from Tuesday, August 9, 2022 tp Thursday, August 18, 2022, either at the Central Service of the E.K.K.A. or by registered post at the following address:
and Zacharof 135, Athens - P.O. 11521, Personnel Department, for the attention of the Secretariat (contact phone 213-2039723).

More Information on the E.K.K.A. Online Portal:
and at to the Personnel Department of the E.K.K.A.
Ms. Angelopoulou Kon, 213 2039724) and
Mrs. Papandreou Vasiliki, 213 2039725).

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